Top News In Payments: BlueVine Names FinTech Veteran As CCO; EBA CLEARING Works Toward R2P Solution

Today in the payments news roundup, Silicon Valley FinTech startup BlueVine has named Brad Brodigan as chief commercial officer. Also, EBA CLEARING is working to launch a new request to pay (R2P) solution. And Bill Gates isn’t in support of breaking up the biggest tech firms in the United States.

BlueVine Hires PayPal Exec as CCO

BlueVine has named Brad Brodigan as chief commercial officer to oversee sales as well as other income-producing functions. Prior to BlueVine, he was president and CEO of the digital payments firm DOSH. He was also a global leader at PayPal, providing technology-driven financial services to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs.)

Payday Lending Laws Drive Traffic to Pawn Shops

The past two years – 2018 and 2019 – have in many ways been strong growth years for the pawn industry in the United States and around the globe. Consumers are leveraging pawn shops more often, and investors are taking the industry more seriously as a growth vehicle.

EBA CLEARING Advances R2P Infrastructure Solution

EBA CLEARING, a Pan-European payment infrastructure provider, is launching a new request to pay (R2P) solution supported by 26 payment service providers (PSPs) from 11 countries. With the R2P solution anticipated to go live in the second half of next year, the firm had a launch meeting in Frankfurt on Tuesday (Sept. 17). It also released a white paper about R2P and the benefits PSPs will experience by having a real-time messaging solution.

Bill Gates Says No to Big Tech Breakup

Bill Gates is not in support of breaking up the largest tech companies in the United States. “You have to really think, is that the best thing?” he said on Bloomberg TV. “If there’s a way the company’s behaving that you want to get rid of, then you should just say, ‘okay, that’s a banned behavior.’ But splitting the company in two, and having two people doing the bad thing, that doesn’t seem like a solution.”

Why the GAO Thinks PSPS Can Help Fix the Marketplace Counterfeit Problem

With the sale of counterfeit goods now expected to reach $1.8 trillion by next year, the rise of online shopping has proved as beneficial to legitimate consumers as it has to counterfeiters. Marketplaces will have to confront the way they search for counterfeit products and false sellers if they don’t wish to leave buyers and sellers frustrated and out of funds, said Kimberly Gianopoulos, director at the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).

How to Build a Global Digital Identity Network

Trulioo, a global identity verification firm., said on Tuesday (Sept. 17) that it has raised C$70 million in new funding to scale into its next growth phase. In an interview with Karen Webster, Trulioo CEO Stephen Ufford said the roadblocks on the path to real financial inclusion and a network that truly spans the globe can be distilled into one critical challenge: crossing the Rubicon from analog to digital.

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