The 15 Best Cities to Be a Real-Estate Agent

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Your career typically influences where in the world you settle down. Technology experts, for example, usually flock to the West Coast, while politicians make their way toward Washington, D.C. But when it comes to real estate agents, the options seem a little more open-ended. That is, until now.

To determine the best markets for real estate agents, WalletHub looked at 179 cities across the U.S. and compared them across 19 key indicators of a healthy real estate environment, including annual median wage for real-estate agents, projected real-estate jobs needed by 2026 and the average ratio of home sale price to home list price.

With this data, they scored each city on whether its conditions were favorable for real estate agents to thrive.

Below are 15 cities that WalletHub says are the hottest markets for agents, starting with the least favorable of the top 15. Also shown from the study:

  • City’s overall rank (of 179 cities) for agents
  • City’s overall score (of 100 possible points)
  • Rank for agents’ job opportunity and competition
  • Rank for the health of the city’s real estate market

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