The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs of 2019

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Almost everyone complains about their job on occasion. But if you’re a logger, groundskeeper or truck driver, you might have greater concerns. These are among the most dangerous jobs in America, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest report on fatal occupational injuries.

In total, there were 5,147 fatal work injuries recorded in 2017, the newest data show. That is a significant increase from four years prior, when fatalities totaled 4,405.

Why the jump? Much of the blame can be put on planes, trains and automobiles. The BLS report shows that transportation incidents account for 40% of occupational deaths. These were, by far, the most frequent fatal events.

Other causes for injury include falls, equipment accidents and workplace fires. Of course, certain trades are more vulnerable to these types of incidents, but some of the risky occupations might surprise you.

Following are the jobs currently considered most life-threatening, based on their fatal work injury rates:

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