The 10 Best Cities for Starting a Small Business /

Even McDonald’s began as a simple one-location hamburger shop. Department-store giant Macy’s original store made only $11.06 the first day. Most businesses, in fact, get started as small businesses.

A small business needs a good idea, a determined founder and, let’s be honest, some money to get launched. In a business-forward atmosphere like the U.S., companies can and do begin everywhere from Alaska to Hawaii and from sprawling cities to tiny towns.

Some cities, however, make it easier than others. Finance site WalletHub compared small-business opportunities, looking at 19 criteria in 100 large U.S. cities. Cities were scored in three main areas, business environment, access to resources and business costs, and were assigned a score between 1 and 100.

The results may surprise you. The top city for starting a small business isn’t New York City or Los Angeles. It’s a place you probably know, but for not for starting a business.

Read on for the best large cities for starting a small business, from good to best.

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