Nest Doorbell Camera To Start Tracking Package Deliveries

Google has announced that its Nest doorbell now has a package-detecting feature for Nest Hello users with an active Nest Aware subscription.

The feature will use the doorbell camera to track package pickups and deliveries. In a blog post, the company revealed package detection was one of the most requested features from Nest Hello users.

“In particular, we’re trying to solve problems based on what users want,” Rosie Buchanan, a senior software engineer working on Machine Perception within Google Nest, said in the post. “Home safety and security is a huge area for our users.”

In order for the doorbell to detect the package, it needs to be set down in an area within the Hello’s view and must remain stationary for a short amount of time, according to a TechCrunch report. For package retrievals, the package also needs to be visible for a short amount of time before it’s removed from the scene. When packages are delivered and picked up, Nest Aware sends a notification, and the app notes when the feature is live, allowing users to decide when to turn it on or off.

“To get the most out of the feature, we suggest users check that packages can be seen in Hello’s video stream and ensure the spot is well-lit,” the company said. “If not, you may need to install a wedge to change Hello’s angle (a complementary wedge comes with the device), or remove the object that blocks the package from Hello’s view.”

With consumers worried about packages getting stolen from their doorsteps, many companies are coming up with new ways to ensure safe deliveries. Earlier this year, Amazon launched its Key in-garage delivery service, which is now available in 50 cities. The delivery service is made for customers with a myQ smart garage door opener, which works with a smartphone. Users can give couriers access to the garage through the smartphone, and they’ll place the packages inside.

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