Keeping Pace In An Accelerating Payments Race

The U.S. is known for, among other things, being a “more is more” kind of place. Sometimes that is a good thing (case in point: our $1 trillion-a-year restaurant industry). Sometimes, not so much (check out our student debt numbers). The question for U.S. merchants and payments players is how to offer up more – more speed, more service options – and then make those options scalable and exportable. And, for good measure, to future-proof them against markets that tend to swing wildly.


$1.6 trillion: Amount outstanding in U.S. student loans.

47 percent: Increase in cross-border transactions from the U.S. between 2017 and 2019.

40: Number of nations that had real-time payment systems in place by 2018.

$10: Price of a single share of Blue Apron at the time of its IPO.

3 percent: Share of U.S. restaurants’ annual transactions that are done digitally.

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