Innovating In Cities With Electric Vehicles, Cashierless Stores

 The electric scooter and bike race in Washington, D.C. has become more complicated in the last few months, as the district has moved both to expand and contract its dockless electric vehicle program. And in retail innovation, Indonesia’s has opened a cashierless brick-and-mortar store location for its BlibliMart brand. All this, Today in Data.


10K: Maximum number of scooters that would be permitted in 2020 with D.C.’s program for dockless electric vehicle operators.

1K: Minimum number of daily orders processed by Blibli’s cashierless store during its experimental phase beginning in November.

2017: The year D.C rolled out its dockless electric vehicle program.

$200B: Value of the grocery market in Indonesia.

20: Number of cities in which Helbiz has eBikes and scooters around the world.

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